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Water in Art and Life

Water is the essence of life, captivating with its beauty and vital for our existence. Fluid Realities invites artists to delve into the multifaceted nature of water, examining its aesthetic allure, our profound relationship with it, and the myriad challenges it confronts. This exhibit seeks to showcase diverse perspectives on water's significance, from its serene and mesmerizing qualities to the pressing environmental threats it faces due to human activity. Through various mediums, artists are encouraged to highlight the delicate balance between water's inherent beauty and its vulnerability, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of this precious resource.


to be announced shortly


Entries Due: July 8

Notification: July 19

Drop Off or Arrive By: August 5

Dates of Show: August 11 to September 21

Reception: Sunday, August 11, 1 - 3 PM

Entry Requirements:

Artists must enter online at One $40 entry fee covers up to three entries. Entry fees are non-refundable. Metro Art Studios reserves the right to refuse a work which has been significantly misrepresented by its entry.


Open to work in any medium except video and sound. We do not have the capability at this time to include these mediums. Entries must be original, entirely the work of the entrant, and made without the supervision of an instructor. Copies of existing artworks or those based on copyrighted artworks are not eligible. If selected, work must be delivered ready for hanging or display. There is no maximum or minimum size for submitted work, although it must fit through a standard doorway. Pedestals will be provided. Framed works will only be accepted with plexiglass - absolutely no glass. It is highly encouraged that work be for sale. Early pick up of accepted artwork is not permitted. Work purchased during the exhibit must remain on exhibit until the end of the show.

Image by Leo Rivas

Liability and Responsibility: Metro Art Studios will take reasonable precaution in handling accepted artwork. Metro is only responsible for artwork while it is in its possession. Metro's liability for theft or damage of the artwork shall be limited to 60% of the sale price. Art is fully insured while at Metro Art Studios. Artists are responsible for insuring their work until the moment it arrives at Metro Art Studios and from the moment it leaves Metro Art Studios when it is shipped back to the artist.Submission of work shall constitute an agreement on the part of the artist to the conditions set forth in this prospectus. The acceptance of an entry in the exhibition shall further include permission to photograph the work and use images for publicity and educational purposes.


Work will be selected for the exhibition by the juror on the basis of digital image entries.

Delivery of Accepted Work: Shipped work must arrive at Metro Art Studios no later than August 5, 2024. Artists are responsible for paying shipping costs, including any insurance, with the carrier of their choice to and from Metro Art Studios. Reusable packing materials will be retained by Metro Art Studios for return shipping. Metro Art Studios will not be responsible for damage due to incorrect packing materials or insufficient container when returning artwork as it was originally shipped. Artists must provide a pre-paid shipping label for return of artwork.

Drop off of Accepted Work: For local artists, Accepted works can be dropped off in person at Metro Art Studio on August 5 from 1-4 pm, unless other arrangements are made in advance in writing.


A commission of 40% will be retained by Metro Art Studios on all sales. A sale price must be indicated for all work. Artists will be paid for works sold within 30 days after the closing date of the exhibition and the collection of the sales proceeds.

Entry Form:

Entries must be completed on Call for Entry by July 8. Completed entries include all required information, image(s), and entry fee of $40. Incomplete entries will not be considered.


Please contact us with any questions.

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